Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Murder in Wellesley: New book revisits Greineder case

Originally posted 9 24, 2012
by BBrown for Swellesley Report

A new book about the gruesome Halloween morning murder of Wellesley’s Mabel Greineder by her husband Dirk at Morses Pond is about to debut. Not coincidentally, the authors will be visiting Wellesley next month to promote their account, almost exactly 13 years after the killing.

A Murder in Wellesley: The Inside Story of an Ivy-League Doctor’s Double Life, His Slain Wife, and the Trial That Gripped the Nation is written by Boston Herald reporter-turned-PR guy Tom Farmer and Marty Foley, who was the lead state police detective on the Greineder case.  The book promises “the untold story” and includes information from those who previously have declined to speak publicly about this case that “bitterly divided” the Greineders’ family. These sources include the Greineders’ niece, Belinda Markel, who testified against Dirk Greineder, as well as Greineder’s college roommates and crime scene investigators.

The case gained national prominence in the early 2000s as salacious details of allergist Greineder’s secret life of porn and prostitutes, against the backdrop of our “well-heeled” community, aired nationally on Court TV. Numerous TV, magazine and newspaper reports rehashed the story, including an A&E documentary program called City Confidential.

Greineder, now in his early 70s, was sentenced to life in prison for murder in 2001 and he has repeatedly sought to appeal the decision. The state Supreme Judicial Court will hear more arguments in November. Farmer declined to speculate on Greineder’s chances of getting a new trial, saying we’ll have to see what the SJC does.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pop Warner Changes Tackling Tactics

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Carol Kelly
11:02 AM, Sep 17, 2012

“A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. It is serious,” Moser said. “You don’t have to hit your head, you can just shake it hard. And no helmet prevents concussion.” Dr. Rosemarie Moser.

The smallest linemen are learning habits to protect themselves from the kinds of brain injuries that have caused football to come under intense scrutiny.

Starting this season, Pop Warner Football’s national organization has set new rules to limit the risk of concussions and other brain injuries for thousands of youth athletes who play in its leagues.

Among the changes: restricting contact drills to a maximum of 40 minutes per practice or one-third of total weekly practice time, and banning full-speed, head-on blocking and tackling drills in which players line up more than 3 yards apart.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Calhoun’s Legacy

In 26 years, Jim Calhoun changed a college basketball program, a university, a state, and college basketball. UConn is the best power produced by the Big East; UConn basketball sparked state legislators’ interest in the university, which led to billion dollar investments in UConn; the team’s success led to academic improvements to UConn as well. Calhoun’s teams created Huskymania; in the past 26 years, UConn went from a team that was unable to play in the regular session of its conference tournament to a power that won three national championships. Calhoun was the reason for this success. "Calhoun is the best program builder of all time and the best coach of his generation.

"Calhoun is the best program builder of all time and the best coach of his

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PETER F. BURNS, JR., was born and raised in Connecticut and educated at UConn. In 2002 the University of Connecticut Alumni Association named him as its outstanding young alumnus of the year. He is a professor of political science at Loyola University New Orleans.