Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rob Brooks speaks at Wits University


How music, sex help us evolve

Noni Mokati
Rob Brooks is paid to think about sex for a living. But there’s more to life than what happens in the bedroom, according to the evolutionary biologist.
In his latest book, titled Sex, Genes and Rock n Roll, Brooks – a professor and director of the evolution and ecology research centre at the New South Wales University in Sydney, Australia – seeks to explain how music, evolution, our choice of diet and genetic pool affects who we are.
Rob Brooks, author SEX, GENES & ROCK'N'ROLL
Picture: Refilwe Modise
“A lot of what we do is constantly aimed at making ourselves attractive for a possible mating partner.
“This is why reproduction is the main theme of evolution,” he said before giving a much-anticipated public lecture at Wits University this week.
SEX GENES AND ROCK'N'ROLL by Rob brooksBrooks, 41, explained that every person alive today was a success story and that the success emanated from various activities.

 “For instance, people who make the best music have the best partners. Music moves us. It stimulates our romantic senses. Every single person can attest that their first date which had some bit of music… allowed them to grow closer and bond – and sometimes were able to create life,” he said.

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