Friday, April 20, 2012

May 11th Fundraiser Dinner for Coalition for Open Democracy

 Repost from Laconia Daily Sun

Granny D's cause will be alive & well at May dinner in Concord

University of New Hampshire Press
To the editor,

I hear the people’s raised voices against corrupting money in politics wherever I go! Dread accompanies this election period already. Dread for the slam-bang of nasty and pricey TV ads. Dread for the purchased outcome of what is meant to be fair and free elections. The people making our will known, via our votes, is what democracy is all about.

However, we have Citizens United case (corporations are people with free-speech rights) dragging down that ideal that Granny D called clean elections. I was in Florida last week, gave an arm up to an elderly woman who’d fallen in the rough surf. She later played a Scrabble game with my older daughter and me. I asked if she’d heard of Granny D. She hadn’t. She was immediately interested. She knew all about Citizens United case and that we must get corrupting money out of our elections. I decided to send her Granny D’s book, "You’re Never Too Old to Raise a Little Hell".

One recent morning I had an informing call from Public Citizen, and gave them a donation. They are taking Citizens United case to court, trying to get it overturned.

Here in New Hampshire on May 11th, Bill McKibben will be speaking at a fundraiser dinner for Coalition for Open Democracy. Coalition for Open Democracy is Granny D’s ongoing group, still at it, working hard to get her clean elections goal achieved. Please put this May 11 event on your calendar. This dinner will be held at NH Audubon, 84 Silk Farm Rd. Concord, 6 to 8 p.m. Doors open at 5:15 for social time. Seats limited, $40.

Anyone with the will to fight for what’s right could give support now by attending the dinner and hearing Bill McKibben on this topic. For Information: 661-8621. I hope to see you there.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

Side note, University Press of New England recently released Granny D's final book, Granny D's American DreamThe life of Doris Haddock, known to millions as “Granny D,” from her young adulthood in Boston during the Great Depression to her last decade as a galvanizing figure of populist politics

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